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What is Apres Ski?

Those that have been skiing will probably have heard of the French expression apres ski, and some of us only really go skiing for the apres ski experience. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, apres ski are social activities that take place in the evening at hotels and restaurants.

Apres Ski was actually invented by the Nordic community, who love to party and the French took to it in the Alps and the Nordic tradition is now carried on all over the world. However, apres ski was never meant to be getting completely out of your face after a day’s skiing.

Traditionally it was a more refined activity of warming up cold hands with a hot cider or a spiced mulled wine. Nowadays it has a winder connotation of a wild party, but in many shapes and forms it is part of modern ski culture. If you do intend to make the most of apres ski then here are some pointers to help you on your way.

Find a Live Music Venue

Any of the best parties involve live music, and apres ski is no different. Whether it is a local band rockin’ the joint or a piano player tickling the ivories in a swanky hotel lounge. Music always adds that extra dimension to any party. It is a pretty good idea to stick to open air venues, and if you want to avoid the shots brigade then perhaps look for cool hotel lounges.

Follow the Locals

If you want to find the best apres ski venues then team up with the locals, find out where they are going to and tag along. Most people turn to social media to find where to go, but there is nothing quite like striking a conversation with somebody who knows the layout of the land. Many waiters, ski instructors etc. know the best places to go on certain days, perhaps a hotel lounge on a Saturday and a small bar on a Tuesday. If you really want to find the hottest night in town this is your best bet.

Drink the Local Hooch

Always drink what the locals drink, resist the temptation to order what you normally do and go with the flow. It will be the best way of immersing yourself in the local culture and to join in with the locals. Perhaps the house pour has a long history and it will be great to learn some local culture.

Know Your Way Back Home

There is nothing like enjoying a raucous night of apres ski, but the whole experience can be ruined if you spend hours traipsing around in the snow trying to find your chalet. Many apes ski’s these days are happening on the actual mountain, these can be official parties or off piste get- togethers. No matter which, you will have to ski home down to the resort, and that can be a really dangerous experience.

Enjoy your apres ski but don’t let it ruin your skiing holiday, waking up at 1pm having missed half the skiing day is a waste of money and also fun on the slopes. Try to strike a balance where you can enjoy the best of both worlds and have a great holiday.