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The World’s Best Ski Resorts – Part 3

Our final ski jump takes us to Canada and Austria to visit some great but very different ski resorts. The world has some stunning settings for our exploration, and it is hardly surprising as most skiing is partaken in mountains which must be one of nature’s most beautiful settings. So be prepared for even more glorious resorts in some of the best locations mother nature has in store for us.

Shames Mountain – Canada

This resort right up near the Alaskan border in British Columbia is the world’s first cooperative ski resort. Shames Mountain resort is managed, run and owned by the local community. The atmosphere in Shames is homely and has a definite hippy vibe to it all. It Makes visitors feel right at home and part of what is going on.

Things are a little more basic at Shames Mountain than other great Canadian ski resorts, but therein lies its beauty. At the resort’s heart are great some skiing opportunities, with powder filled pistes and some great tree runs that are as pretty as a picture. If you are an advanced skier you are bound to enjoy the limitless back country experiences that are completely open to the visitor.

St Anton – Austria

St Anton is a ski resort that doubles as party central, it is where the pistes meet the decks and activity is night and day. Firstly, the skiing is exceptional, with nearly 300 kilometers of suitable terrain for every type of skiing and skier.

There is even a cableway that accesses all areas called Flexenbahn, so getting from one place to another is simple. St Anton is charming, a small village that has an indoor climbing wall and a great indoor heated swimming pool as well as other great amenities.

But it is at night that St Anton is most famous for, the apres ski in this resort is off the chart and Jagerbombs are the order of the day for everybody. MooserWirt is the place to go if you really want to sample the apres ski in St Anton, but don’t book an early ski lesson the following morning.

Castle Mountain – Canada

In the south of Alberta is Castle Mountain which is close to the US border, and is a great community resort. Castle Mountain is famous for the Chutes which is a whole side of a mountain that is full of steep and varied deep chutes, which are all accessed from one trail.

There is also a highly popular cat skiing zone that has its own lift, with its own open bowls, wind lips, gullies and trees to keep everybody happy. Castle Mountain is quite unique, it seems like a big ski resort but scaled down and in miniature. Unlike our previous resort St Anton, Castle Mountain pretty much turns its lights off after the pistes close, so if you are looking for a bit more life then perhaps stays in nearby Pincher Creek.

These ski resorts conclude our whistle stop tour of the great ski destinations of the world. We have ventured to Asia, Europe and North America and visited very different resorts and mountains, something for the whole family and something for the pro skier and everything in between.