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The World’s Best Ski Resorts – Part 1

What makes a ski resort stand out from the rest? Is it miles of perfect snow and fast pistes? Or expensive and luxurious hotels and spas? Some people like fine dining and good wine? Well to be a top ski resort you really need to have top class skiing, and to offer an all over skiing experience. The better resorts have a close bond between the mountain and the local community and are happy to integrate visitors into their world. This blog highlights some of the world’s top resorts that can just about offer everything and would be the sort of places you could call home.

Revelstoke – Canada

Revelstoke has perfectly maintained pistes and to put it mildly is stunning beautiful with plenty of trees lining the slopes. And Revelstoke has plenty of the famous Powder Highway Snow. One of Revelstoke’s most endearing factors is that it is so hard to get to, as there are not overwhelming numbers of skiers dashing to the resort if there was an overnight fall. The snow is the main reason that people choose this resort, as it is a light continental snow that top skiers prefer. Perhaps you can break your journey on the way to Revelstoke and take in the busy resort of Kicking Horse to liven up your trip.

Zinal & Grimentz – Switzerland

As picturesque as a painting on a chocolate box, with all the quaint Swiss charm that you could possibly ever want. That is the resorts of Zinal and Grimentz nestled in the Swiss Alps. They are often overlooked in favor of their bigger brothers Verbier and Zermatt, but that is their beauty. They are more gentile, rather like Earl Grey rather than a breakfast tea. The village of Grimentz is tiny but is so charming that you want to take it home with you, traditional Swiss wooden chalets are intertwined with local rustic restaurants and to make it all the more attractive at a cost far less than the bigger Swiss resorts. Zinal is a little further up the valley and is a little more modern but offers great open pistes that are never crowded and a pleasure to ski.

Whistler – Canada

Whistler is a world-famous ski resort and justifiably so, it is also being probably the most loved resort in North America so it does tend to get a little crowded and the prices are a little higher than the smaller resorts. But in its favor is 32 square kilometers of mountain and over two hundred pistes that are nearly always guaranteed to have sufficient snow to ski.

Located on the new Ski to Sky highway, getting to Whistler is relatively easy and within a couple of hours landing at Vancouver airport you will be checking in to your five star hotel. These great ski resorts are just the start of your journey down the piste on our black run to find the best ski resorts in the world. In our next skiing expedition, we will be taking the cable car up to Italy, France and Japan.