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The Health Benefits of Skiing – Part 2

The second part of our blog to look at all the health benefits associated with skiing looks at how the Alpine activity can improve your balance, can promote healthier eating habits, and also how it can increase the body’s flexibility.

Strengthens the Body

Skiing is particularly good to improve the muscles in your lower body, this is because you are almost in a permanent squat position when you are actually skiing. This will work both your outer and inner thighs, your glutes, hamstrings and quad muscles.

Unlike the gym, skiing takes your mind off the fact that you are actually exercising, negotiating the next curve or trying to race your friends will completely take your mind off any muscle burn, but it is guaranteed you will know the difference in the morning.

Improvement of Balance

To stay on your skis, you need to be in balance, and this constant workout to stay balanced keeps the core of your body engaged all the time. As you face different challenges on the slopes you constantly face threats to your balance and this equips you for later life especially as you get older.

Improvement of Flexibility

As well as balance you have to be flexible to be able to ski properly, when you are flexible in any activity you are less likely to suffer muscle strains. It is a good idea before you hit the slopes to properly stretch your muscles in preparation for activity. Skiing will naturally strengthen the obliques, abdominals and your hips but you should awaken them before just flying down the slopes.

Good Eating Habits

After a good day skiing you will feel famished and so it is important that at the start of the day you fuel the body in preparation for the day ahead. You will also need to top up at lunchtime and at night feed the body so you can recuperate. If you eat the correct foodstuffs then the nutrients will stay in the body longer and give more benefit. Consume more healthy fats, protein, cut down on sugar and eat more vegetables and fruit.

Less Stress

All holidays are beneficial to cutting back on stress, the pressure of work and our general daily lives all add stress to the body. Skiing is an ideal activity to reduce your stress levels, what could be better than standing on a snow-covered mountain perusing a perfect Alpine scene below. The activity of skiing also occupies the whole mind so there is little room for over thinking or dwelling on problems back home. And in the evening, you will be so tired that you will get a deep and refreshing sleep.

All these benefits can be achieved when you take to the slopes in pursuit of your favorite pastime. You may not have been aware that indulging your pleasure that you were doing so much good to your body, but this is definitely the case. So next time you are considering a relaxing holiday perhaps opt for the slopes instead of the beach, that way you can get the best of two worlds, a fantastic holiday and a healthy workout.