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How to Run Skiing Classes

No matter what level of skier you are a proper guided ski or snowboard tuition is essential to take your skills to the next phase. And learning to ski entails more than just taking up a new sport. It means exploring the great wilderness and to gain confidence in yourself, then to develop skills that you will maintain your whole life. Most ski resorts have their own ski schools and will accept any level of skier, even total beginners. Some instructors are private and not affiliated to a school but a resort school does have many advantages. Some instructors run franchise type schools on a ski resort and can be cheaper than the official school.

Form a Company

The first thing you must do to start your own ski school is to form a company, this is important and because you may be teaching in a place that is not your own country that have different regulations. Because of the nature of teaching a sport there is inherent risk of injury, and you must have the appropriate insurance cover to protect yourself. Some schools force students to sign disclaimers if there is an accident or injury, but these disclaimers are not foolproof and court cases have been known against negligent ski schools.

Get Permits & Certificates

You cannot just bowl up to another country and expect to start teaching skiing, you will have to hold all the applicable teaching certificates as well as permits allowing you to actually teach. Some countries demand some sort of security check also before a teacher can instruct students. You may also need works permits and government clearance to work in the country you have decided to teach, these can be extraordinary difficult to obtain.

Rent a Space

Most resorts will be happy to allow you to teach providing a fee is paid, it is not just like renting a tennis court for a couple of hours, things are very different. Usually it is best to approach a ski resort and to start teaching in their official school. From there you can take out-of-class-time lessons, but these would be unofficial and probably marketed by word of mouth.

Take Legal Advice

Opening a school in a foreign country as you might expect is quite a difficult thing to do, you must take legal advice off a local professional. Opening a business anywhere abroad takes a great deal of legal paperwork, and a school is no exception, in fact there are more regulations towards a school. In conclusion your first step of owning and running a ski school is first to have the correct ski credentials and teaching certificates. Then it is advisable to join a ski school at a resort as an instructor, the benefit of this is that they will obtain work permits etc.

Teach for a couple of years at the resort and get to know the area, the other schools that have opened up, and look for possibilities. Perhaps there is a franchise available at a nearby resort. Finally get well known as a good ski instructor, get yourself a good reputation and build on that.