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Health Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is not only fun, but it’s a great way to stay in shape, as well as make new friends. Swimming is the fourth most popular activity for United States citizens. Swimming is a great healthy activity that you can start at a very young age and continue on for[…]

How to run Swimming Classes – Part 2

Now that you have found your pool and drawn up a credible business plan you can turn your head to other sides of the business, and what you may have to address in the future. One of the big decisions about starting any business is whether or not you trade[…]

How to run Swimming Classes – Part 1

Most swimming instructors work for either schools, government or clubs, and many have part time jobs working for a multitude of all three to provide enough money to make it worthwhile. But some of the more entrepreneurial ones have taken the bold step and started their own classes. There are[…]

Learning How to Swim

In past days it was the parents who were usually responsible for teaching their children to swim, mostly because of safety should they fall into water. Modern days we have seen schools and swimming clubs take on that duty, and really a parent only gets involved at holiday times or[…]