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Best swimming gear

You may think that for swimming competitions you only need swimming suit and goggles, but you are wrong.  If you look at the end of the pool, there is a bulk of stuff in mesh bags and equipment – from water bottles to paddles, caps and even writing pads. If you are the one who is looking for something that might help you train better, here is a short list.

Tempo Trainer Pro

It is a little pace device which can act as your personal coach; coaches even use it in a couple different ways, but mostly to count desired stroke rate.  This device will prepare you for the competition, you will be excited to race and get your record up, since the numbers you see will act as a motivator. Your body will be ready to perform better because of those hundred times that you saw your results getting better.

Swimmer’s snorkel

Original snorkel was patented in 1994 by company called FINIS. Just recently front-mounted one became popular across pool decks. Now they are all over sports gear shops. It helps to develop better balance and full stroke.  Imbalanced muscles can be trained with snorkel by mercilessly breathing bilaterally while training. Snorkel is very cheap, versatile and will improve your whole performance.


Did you know that your biggest muscles are in your legs? For a swimmer they are like a motor, and better the motor, better the athlete. Swimmer grips board in front of them and gives arms a rest while placing all the burden on the legs. That means that you must do your best training concentrated on legs and a kickboard can help you with that. Leg fitness will help you train the whole-body position and improve your ability to finish the race: when your whole body is ready to give up, your hard kicks will power through.

A Training Journal

If you are going to reach your goals, you must have steps. For that, training journal is a must. You will be able to see what is working for you and what is not and be updated with your goal-progression. Measuring and keeping track is a key to great performance. This will create a discipline and it is very much needed not just in your athlete’s career, but in personal life too. Don’t just write your workouts, this is a platform for your ideas and challenges.


These are little nets that are made from mesh, swimmer puts them as socks on feet and they increase resistance and drag in the water. Dragsox builds and trains leg muscles. It is another small thing that increases leg power in order to power up your swimming. When you will take them off, your speed will be better. It is a power work out without using any special tools. Here is a simple exercise to see how good these mesh things are: do a 4×25 swim while wearing them, rest a minute and do 25 meters without them. Repeat that and compare your speed at the first and last rep without wearing them.  You will be able to see results instantly.