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Best Ski Gear

When planning getaway to mountains, make sure that you have the best equipment in order to enjoy your vacation. Here are some suggestions for you to consider. They are going to keep your warm at all times.

Who decided that you need bright neon pants so ski?

if you are not a color lover, Outdoor Research created stylish black ones which are called Blackpower II Pants. They look good and helps you to perform better.  Pants have a special Pertex shield with makes them windproof and fabric inside, which is used for lining, is very soft and keeps the warmth in. There are zippers on the outer thigh you can use to let out as much air as you want, because when you work out, of course you will be sweating. Plenty of pockets keeps all kind of stuff. Gaiters are the must to keep your ski boots in place and keep the snow out.

Socks are the ones that nobody pays attention to, nobody can see them in huge snow boots. There is a huge difference between those that are designed for skiing and those are just for daily wear. FIT is a company who customizes socks for you based on the type of skiing you will be doing. Black Diamond is one of the designs which are for the experts who wears custom boots and skies every weekend.  FIT used merino wool, nylon and spandex to create comfort and warmth by blending these materials together, creating various cushioning.

Another tip from the professional is to layer the puffy jacket under a parka. There is a company called Fjallraven’s KEB which created a special jacket thar is perfect for layering. Because of how thin it is, you won’t be feeling bulky, rather it remains feeling lightweight. You will be able to pack it in the small bag too. It is water and wind resistant; you can wear it when it is warm or damp outside on its own.

After skiing (après-ski), your hair is messy because of the helmet, no better way to look good after that than a cute beanie. Outdoor Research’s Lodgeside hat is perfect. It is cable knit with fleece lining and GORE Windstopper patented ear protectant. Ear opening are laser cut, that means that you will hear loud and clear.

If it is good quality, does not mean that you need to spend hundreds. Goggles from Fuel Optics cost just forty dollars and has the best and all features that you need. Lenses are anti-fog and magnetic which you can change, strap is adjustable and sturdy. They are easy to clean and  protects you from sun too.

The worst thing that can ruin your fun is cold feet. Hot Sockees won’t let this to happen. It is made from neoprene. Toe warmers needs to be worn over the socks and ski boots. They won’t interfere with your performance and will trap the heat inside. This is the best thing that was created for keeping your feet warm.